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convert your records into actionable data

CattlDrive converts PAPER records into functional DATA

Risk Management

Perfectly Time Your Market Moves

Cattle markets move fast. The modern producer has to respond even faster. With CattlDrive, you can continuously monitor the weights and values of your inventory, enabling you to make crucial hedging decisions with confidence.


Invite your Team

It takes more than just you to run a successful cattle operation.  Invite partners, employees, or even give limited access to guests such as truck drivers or location managers for uploading scale tickets + more.


Location &  Tracking

CattlDrive makes it easy to manage cattle inventory across all locations whether managed by you or from a 3rd party caretaker.


Rest Easy with Market Analysis

With built-in market data, CattlDrive takes your data and gives you a real time comparison of your future market risk. Gain key insights that help you better plan for that critical marketing window. Hedge market risk more effectively and better predict market readiness across all locations.

Cross platform

Access on Your Desk Too

In addition to being a highly-powerful mobile tool, CattlDrive can also be accessed from any device with a web browser.

Scan to Data

Reduce manual data entry time by over 85% with our scan-to-data feature. Use your phone's camera to capture purchases, scale tickets, and more.

Offline Capable

No more waiting until you get back to the house to submit new data. Access your data from the field, even without cell service.

Powered by A.I.

Our pricing engine, weight estimation, and marketing analysis systems are all backed by the power of Artificial Intelligence.

coming soon
*Patent Pending

From Camera to Actionable Data

  • Realtime Weight *NO SCALE REQUIRED
  • Utilizing Lidar technology already equipped in your smartphone
  • Track ADG, Set Key Marketing windows, and much more....

Cutting edge Lidar scan technology

One of the most powerful tools available today is right in our pocket. Many modern smartphones come equipped with Lidar scan technology which can provide centimeter-accurate measurements from the palm of your hand. Our ScaleScanr technology records a depth map captured from the phone's Lidar sensor. From there, our proprietary machine learning algorithm isolates the animal in frame, analyzes the depth data captured by Lidar, and provides an estimated weight for that animal as it stands in the field.

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